The report on Shinsei Maru incident

Soon after the sinking of Shinsei Maru, Master Sergeant 平田楠雄 Hirata Masuo of the escorting squad had filed a report, complete with the names of those missing in action and those who survived. The commission of the physicians and medical workers is now clear, thanks to the research of Prof Tseng Ling-Yi. 神靖丸沉沒後不久,隨船護衛隊軍曹平田楠雄製作了一份報告,含全體生歿人員的名冊。

It turns out that the physicians were 奏待, i.e., equivalent to 奏任 (appointed by royal ministers), whereas medical assistants and immunologic assistants were both 判待, 判任 (appointed by Governor General of Taiwan). 他們的官階據曾令毅教授的研究,醫師們為奏待,即帝國大臣任用奏任的待遇,其餘人員為判待,即台灣總督任用的判任待遇。

The complete list of everyone on board can be seen or downloaded here 全部名單在此: 


This list may help whomever still seeking info on a father/brother missing during the Pacific War. 對還在尋找在太平洋戰爭未歸父兄的讀者,此名冊也許有點用處。



A few years after the initial proposal to Tamsui District Director Mr Tsai Yeh-wei, a sculpture in honor of those Tamsui-lang who perished during the Pacific War has actually be completed. It is located within Tamsui Peace Park.

The mother-holding-a-baby theme is based on the autobiography of Eyedoc's mother, who had  received an unexpected notification from Township Office to collect ashes of her husband Dr Tze-Chang Cheng, and in mourning, had gone to the shore of Tamsui River with her baby to look at Guanyin Mountain, in total shock, facing an unknown future at the same time...


Update 28 - 台中州陳佰林醫師

BH 報知,她於一偶然機會,從一位洪醫師得悉他好友的叔叔也是便乘神靖丸,並且名單中的台中州(歿)陳柏霖醫師,可能因為筆劃類似,應是陳佰林醫師。本部落格謹此更正。


John S McCain


馬侃出生於1936年8月29日,也就是在他8歲時,神靖丸被他的祖父參與的 Operation Gratitude 殲滅戰之下擊沉。