Remembering Dr Lin and Shinsei Maru

Through the efforts of teachers and students of 霧峰學 at Asia University, perhaps this site can be converted into a memorial to honor Dr 林鵬飛 the original owner, and by extension to his medical school classmate Dr 鄭子昌and those of his colleagues who perished on Jan 12, 1945 on board of 神靖丸.


岩手醫大 and 宮古市

岩手醫大 Iwate Medical School in Morioka where Dr Cheng Tze-Chang of Danshui was accepted but did not attend. He went back to Taiwan to study at Taihoku Imperial University Medical School instead. Dr Wu Ping-Chen of Tainan, on the other hand, had graduated from Iwate and returned home to practice in Taiwan. Below: the original entrance of the medical school:
Above: Founder Dr Mita Tatsujiro and the stairway leading up to the patient wards, and below: the new university hospital entrance:
Dr Wu resumed his medical career in 宮古市Miyako City after retiring in Taiwan. Miyako is a seaside town; its bay area was hit hard by the tsunami on March 11, 2011. The center of the city itself, fortunately, did not sustain too much damage. Below is the train station, looking beyond it and about one mile is the sea. The sign to the right says: Let's go! Miyako (Kanbaro Miyako):

Above: The devastated 田老Taro area, near Miyako, by the tsunami, even though this area was protected by a 9-m tall levee system.

We hope the reconstruction starts soon.