Response from 厚勞省

Posted by Eyedoc

A friend in Japan has finally reached the 厚勞省 officer on our behalf, and this is what he has found:

"...the Koro-sho officer explains to me that she cannot help us anymore because she has no further information on Shinsei-maru and the news in the 1955 Kanagawa Shimbun is based on hearsay. Plus no official documents [about the ship] exist in Koro-sho. So they have no intention of investigating this matter further..."

In other words, if Kosei-rodo Sho厚生労働省 has no files on Shinsei Maru's recovery, then the event does not exist. Even though common sense tells us that it would be totally absurd for a newspaper to invent such a piece of news.

This is not right.