A second visit

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Oct 29, 2009 日記: 去年此時初訪靖國神社,今日二次來訪.大道兩旁銀杏石燈雖然依舊,但是沉船史總算靠大眾媒体協助,重現世間.我們特別來報告神靖丸共歿人員.
也再度到墓苑獻花: 神靖丸五人請安息,我們會繼續尋找其他人員的下落.

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匿名 提到...

I would like to hear how you feel about the second visit to Yasukuni Jinja. ChoSan

BH 提到...

Me too!

匿名 提到...

I have enjoyed very much about the writing of the EyeDoc.

EyeDoc 提到...

This second visit is a family affair; although we did pay our respects to all at Yasukuni Jinja and the five gentlemen at the national cemetery. Given what has transpired in the past few months, a more organized write-up is needed which I will share with all families and friends at some point.