Shinsei Maru story

This is to note that on 3/31/2013, 6 members of the Kuo family [郭安邦醫師] and one from the Cheng family [鄭子昌醫師] got together in Taipei with 2 members from the Lin Family [林坤萍醫師]. Iris and Jeffery Lin were the gracious hosts. And the venue was the Papillon at San Want Hotel.

It is now clear that Shinsei Maru [神靖丸 sunk: 1/12/1945] was one of the three major wartime losses, the other two being the Gokoku Maru [護國丸 11/11/1944] and the Takachiho Maru [高千穗丸 3/17/1943].

With the loss of medical personnel on board of the Shinsei Maru, it was hardly surprising that the long vanished plaque and cholera had made a come back in the post-1945 era. This, according to international observers at that time, could be attributed directly to the loss.