Montreal July 17, 2013

"神交已久, 一見如故" - BH 和 Jhen 終於在 Montreal, Quebec, Canada 會到面:

這是歷史性的一刻, 相信洪元約和陳茂淇兩位醫師在天之靈,也會感到安慰.

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BH 提到...

Dear Eye Doc:

Thank you so much for posting so fast.

I am so shocked to get email from Eugene Kuo about this link.
Thank you very much!

I will treasure Jhen's art work of orchid flowers in pot on top of that wooden box she gave me last night. She also gave me some other goodies and a box of delicious French cookies from her daughter's store.

it certainly was a historical moment!

Thanks again!
God bless!
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!


EyeDoc 提到...

I came across the names of your class while perusing the archives of NTU Library. Imagine my surprise!

Glad that you and Jhen have finally met. We are looking forward to meeting you soon as well.