It was Air Group VF(N)-41

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(Hauling a torpedo - towards a Hellcat)

According to various sources, 1/12/1945 was a very busy day for TF38, for example:

1. "On January 12, 1945, 1,500 sorties were flown by the aircrafts of the 14 fast carriers, resulting in 46 of Japanese ships being sunk."

2. "Codenamed “Operation Gratitude,” the attacks are wildly successful. Despite rough seas and high winds from a dangerously close typhoon, Japanese bases at Saigon, Cape Saint Jacques (Vung Tau), Cam Ranh Bay, Qui Nhon, and Tourane Bay (Da Nang) are hit hard, resulting in the destruction of docks, barracks, weapons depots, hangars, and scores of Japanese seaplanes and other aircraft, as well as the sinking of more than 40 enemy ships. "

3. "Bombardements massifs des appareils de la Task Force 38 américaine sur le sud de l'Indochine, notamment contre la base japonaise de Camranh Bay et Saïgon : une quarantaine [i.e., about 40] de navires japonais sont détruits, dont 11 petits bâtiments de guerre. C'est la première fois qu'une escadre américaine entre en mer de Chine méridionale depuis le début de la guerre."

The loss, according to Japanese sources, was put at 33-34 ships sunk, not >40. And it is now clear that the principal attacking group was TG 38.5:

"Literally within a matter of a few hours [days?] after the formation of TG 38.5 [note: on January 5 , 1945], 20 VFN from this group led the way in to Luzon in a predawn sweep. From then on, for the next 17 days aircraft from ENTERPRISE and INDEPENDENCE participated in operations against Formosa and the southern Nansei Shoto [i.e., 琉球海溝], operations against French Indo-China coastal positions from Saigon to Tourane (Da Nang), operations against the China coast of the Hong Kong-Swatow area and against the Formosa-Pescadores area (including the destruction by Air Group Ninety VTN and VFN of the presumed enemy radio and weather station on Pratas Island) and further operations against Formosa and the Nansei Shoto attendant on and after the withdrawal of the task force from the China Sea. "

And TG 38.5 USN personnel involved in the air raids:

"The Night Air Group 90 (12/24/1944 - 5/31/45) was commanded by Cdr William I Martin. The 34 Hellcats (VFN) were led by LCdr Robert J McCullough and the 21 Avengers (VTN) by LT Russell F Kippen (killed in action on 21 January 1945)." [Note: Air Group 90 was based on USS Enterprise.]

"USS Independence usually carried 30+ planes, e.g., 24 VFN fighters (Hellcats) and 9 VTN torpedo-bombers (Avengers)."

"Air Group VF(N)-41 [19 VFs + 8 VTs] (Aug-44 to Jan-45) was based on USS Independence (CVL-22), led by Cdr T. F. Caldwell; its "Top Ace" was LCdr William Henry (9.5 kills)."

It would appear that both Caldwell and Henry of Night Fighter Air Group 41 were directly involved in the attack of Shinsei Maru et al.

按照基於USS Enterprise 第90魚雷机中隊航空日誌提到的,於1945年1月12日從USS Independence 起飛,同時參戰的12架VF及4架VT,就是由 TF Caldwell上尉領隊.其中戰績最高的是一名William Henry中尉 (擊落了9.5架日机).這一群戰机並沒有參与攻擊

就是這個41夜戰中隊, VF(N)-41,

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