TG-38.1-5 12/30/1944 - 1/25/1945

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所以神靖丸遇難史已非常清楚,是第38特遣隊 (TF38) 在1944年12月成立的第5組 (TG38.5) 中,從USS Enterprise 或較為可能是從 USS Independence 起飛的F6F-5(N) Hellcats 之一下的毒手:

[Note: This is a drawing of an F6F-5 night fighter. It was equipped with a radar - at the tip of the right wing - to give it the night fighting capability, and a gasoline tank - under the plane - to give it longer range of operation.]


44/12/30 departed Ulithi

45/01/03 strike Formosa airfields

45/01/02 38.1, 38.2 refuel from TG 30.8

45/01/03 strike Formosa:
- sinking landing ship Shinshu Maru, AKs Kinrei Maru, Ume Maru #2, Kawauchi Maru #22, Sanni Maru, another unidentified Maru
- damaging AK Kibitsu Maru, Hyuga Maru, Nichiyu Maru #2, Taiwa Maru #36, Kakuju Maru

45/01/04 strike Formosa:
- in Formosa Strait [台灣海峽] sinking PC Cha-163, Cha-176, Cha-210; damaging escort Ikuna and auxiliary PC Cha 204
- near Takao [高雄], Formosa damaging AM W-41
- NE of Formosa sinking AN Iwato Maru

45/01/05 refuel from TG 30.8
38.2 - Trathen joined 300 miles NE of Luzon (22-40N, 122-47E)

45/01/06 SE Cape Engano - strike Luzon area:
in South China Sea off northern Luzon sinking AK Kyodo Maru, AO Nanko Maru #1, Iyasaka Maru #8, Kyoei Maru #6, Nanshin Maru #10, Kyoei Maru #10, Kyoei Maru #3

45/01/07 strike Luzon [呂宋]

45/01/08 strike Luzon
refuel from TG 30.8 255 miles NE of Luzon (19-32N, 125-43E)

45/01/09 Bashi Channel, Luzon Strait - strike Formosa, Luzon, Pescadores [澎湖]:

- N of Keelung [基隆] (27-10N, 121-45E): corvette #3
- S of Formosa: AO Kuroshio Maru, Kaiho Maru, AK Fukuyama Maru south of Formosa
- off Keelung: AK Ume Maru #21
- 20 nm SSW of Takao, Formosa (22-40N, 120-04E) PC Ch-61
- 20 nm WNW of Takao, Formosa (23-04N, 119-51E)AK Hisagawa Maru

- off Takao, Formosa: escort Yashiro, AO Kamoi, DE Miyake, AK Tainan Maru
- off Saei [
左營]: corvettes #9, #13, #60
- in Formosa Strait: PC Cha-161
- off Keelung AM W-102, PC Nitto Maru #22
- N of Formosa PC Kinsui Maru

45/01/10 entered South China Sea via Bashi Channel [巴士海峽]

45/01/11 38.1 - Boston, Batimore and DesRon61 temporarily detached to TG 38.2

45/01/12 begin of operation "Gratitude"

[Note 1: TG38.3 and TG38.5 attacked Kashii et al, north of Qui Nhon.]
[Note 2: Air Group VF-11 based on USS Hornet (TG38.1) was directly involved in the attacks in the Saigon and Cam Ranh Bay area including the airfields.]

- strike SE French Indochina

BBs [Battle ships戰艦] and CA/CLs [重/輕型巡洋艦 Cruisers] strike CamRanh Bay [金蘭灣]

- N of Qui Nhon [歸仁]: Kashii (13-50N, 109-20E); corvette #23 and corvette #51 (14-15N, 109-10E); AP [AP = transport ship運輸船] Kembu Maru, AK [AK = cargo ship货船] Yushu Maru, Kyokuun Maru, Hotsusan Maru, Tatsuhato Maru, Otsusan Maru, Yujo Maru, Banshu Maru #63; AO [AO = oil tanker運油船] Shoei Maru
- off Cape St. Jacques: corvette #17, #19, escort Ciburi (10-20N, 107-50E); AO Kumagawa Maru, AP Shinsei Maru, Toyu Maru (10-20N, 107-45E); AO Akashi Maru
- SE of Cape St. Jacques: AO Koshin Maru, Ayanami Maru, Hoei Maru, Eiho Maru; AK Kensei Maru
- off Cape Padaran (11-10N, 108-55E): PC Ch-31, AM W-101, patrol #103, corvette #35, corvette #43, AO Ayayuki Maru
- off Cam Ranh Bay: PC Ch-43 (11-53N, 109-08E); AM Otowa Maru (11-50N, 109-00E)
- at Saigon: LST [LST = landing tank登陸艇] T-140, stores ship Ikutagawa Maru (10-20N, 107-50E); AK Kiyo Maru, Shinsei Maru #17, Kenei Maru, Taikyu Maru, AO Horai Maru #9
- east coast (exact location unspecified) of French Indochina: AK Eiman Maru, Nanryu Maru #2

- north of Qui Nhon: escorts Daito, Ukuru, corvette #27, AO San Luis Maru
- at Cam Ranh Bay: PC Ch-34, AK RyuyMaMaru
- off Cape St. Jacques: LST T-149, T-137; AO Kjoei Maru #3
- off Saigon: LST T-131, AK Chefoo Maru, Kanju Maru
- at entrance to Vung Tau: guaroaoat Fushimi Maru #2
- SE of Cape St. Jacques: AK France Maru; AO Shingi Maru

strike Tourane Bay, Indochina

38.1 Boston, Batimore and DesRon61 rejoined from TG 38.2
38.2 strike Saigon, Cam Ranh Bay - sinking Lamotte-Picquet
38.3 50 miles E of Camranh Bay, Vietnam (12-07N, 109-58E)

45/01/15 and 16 strike Formosa, Hong Kong, Canton
45/01/21 strike Formosa, Pescadores, Luzon, Sakishima Gunto, Okinawa, Rjukjus
45/01/25 back at Ulithi

[註: 以上資料來自http://pacific.valka.cz/forces/tf38.htm#king24411]

下圖乃USS Independence (CVL-22),攝於1943年7月15日.

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